wellness in a new way for just $99.

Stop putting self-care on the backburner.

Investing in yourself and your health will not only change how you feel, but will have a profound ripple effect on everyone and everything around you.

Claim your access to unlimited services for just $99.*


*This is a one time offer. Services include: whole body cryotherapy, somadome meditation, express compression therapy, photobiomodulation and dry salt therapy.

Personalized wellness plans

Your needs and goals aren't the same as everyone else's. So, allow our team of Wellness Advocates to help you come up with a self-care routine that is designed to fit your schedule and help you achieve your goals.

Not sure what we can do for you? If you have any of the following, we may be able to help!*

seasonal allergies • sinus congestion • poor sleep • autoimmune conditions • hypothyroidism • chronic pain • headache • migraines • eczema • psoriasis • multiple sclerosis • strains, sprains and spasms • high stress • COPD • erectile dysfunction • aging skin • smoker's cough • muscle soreness • athletic performance • lyme's disease • fibromyalgia

*Sloco does not claim to to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These therapies are designed to help improve your overall sense of health and wellbeing, and may result in some welcoming side effects. :)

I love Sloco... the people, the space, and the overall vibe. They always teach me something, every time, and it makes me aware that there is always something new to learn in how to proactively manage my wellness... It feels elevating just to walk in the door.

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